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2013, Vol. 2(1), pp. 6 – 11.
ISSN 2304 – 1366


Cartoon Network and its Impact on Behavior of School Going Children: A Case Study of Bahawalpur, Pakistan


Ali Hassan
Muhammad Daniyal
Islamia University, Bahawalpur, Pakistan



The objective of this study is to trace the impact on the behavior of the children after watching cartoon programs. Cartoon network is one of the most favorite cartoon channels for children. As cartoon network is 24 hours channel, so children spend most of their leisure time in front of it. It not only attracts the children through its contents but also inculcates some positive and negative habits in them. One of the main factors which influence the children while watching cartoons is violence. Violence is a vital part of most of the cartoon programs. Children are induced and attracted by violent content by broadcasters. The study design is survey research and non-parametric statistics is used for data analysis. This study explores the impact of violence presented in cartoons on children behavior. They not only imitate their favorite cartoon characters but even force their parents to buy the same costumes or accessories as displayed by different cartoon characters. This study also depicts this fact that the behavior of the children in class is influenced by watching different cartoon programs.

Keywords: Children behavior, violence, cartoons, pro-social behaviors, animations
JEL: L82, M14